Auction Details

Breast Cancer Awareness Art Auction


  1. The original piece "Fighter is being auctioned off for Breast Cancer Awareness
  2. Auction will take place on my latest Instagram post (CLICK HERE)
  3. Place bids in the comments of the post. Please only bid with the intention to purchase.
  4. I will pay for shipping within the USA.
  5. Bids increment by at least $10.
  6. Auction ends on Friday October 4, 2019 at 3pm EST (12pm PST)
  7. Winner will be contacted by DM and has 24 hours to respond or 2nd highest bidder gets DM and so forth
  8. If there is no winner, the final sales price whenever it does sell will be donated.
  9. Receipts of donation will be provided per request.


100% of proceeds will go to Sisters Network Inc. to help them continue to “reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer among African American women by generating awareness, garnering attention, providing access to information and resources, and supporting research efforts in the ecosystem”. 


Thank you for all of your support whether it is a like, sharing, reposting, tagging friends, word of mouth, ANYTHING. Let’s join together in helping the women of our community. They deserve it and more.


Thank you!


Andre Simmons